Dinkelsbühl Anno 1525

The armed forces of the “Schwäbische Bund” at Dinkelsbuhl 1525 (Diorama 4)

In May 1523 near Dinkelsbuhl 10000 soldiers of the “Schwäbische Bund” suppress the revolt of the knighthood of Franken. The knights fail to compete against the military potential based on gunpowder and canons. The old warfare-nobility of the knights is defeated by the new weapons.

In 1488 the “Schwäbische Bund”, an association of several Swabian imperial towns, was authorized by the Emperor to mobilize its troops for peace-keeping missions. In 1523 at Dinkelsbuhl the “Schwäbische Bund” intervened against the revolt of the knighthood of Franken initiated by Franz von Sickingen. The knights tried to defend their privileges against the growing power of the newly established territorial states (Territorialstaat).

During the Peasants´ War of 1525 the “Schwäbische Bund” was brought into operation against the revolting peasants all around southwest Germany.